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Carpe Diem

sabato, 22 de maggio de 2010, per cesareludica

Traffic jams and traffic itself it’s the closest related factor of stress caused by transportation. The solution in order to eliminate completely traffic jams have been always seen as fully automated system of cars, radar guided, laser guided and more outrageous technologies can be used. However, very clever algorithms means intelligent systems. Systems that take decisions for us, organize and control the traffic in a fast and accurate way. Sounds perfect, but we forgot about the “fun” factor of moving about. Where is the fun to drive, to get surprised when you move about. Can fun, surprise and curiosity be mixed together in order to make us forget that we are wasting time in a traffic jam?

Think about a parkour-car, able to surprise us with 1000 of different possibilities to make a turn, change the gear or overtake someone, when you move. His answer &quotwe haven’t had a winning football buy essay online safe team

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